TrippleWhale - a better way to scale profittably

TripleWhale: The Ultimate Attribution and Analytics Tool for Ecommerce Brands

In the world of online commerce, running ads across multiple platforms to drive traffic and sales is commonplace. However, properly tracking the performance of these ads can be enormously challenging. This is where TripleWhale comes in – it's an attribution and analytics software purpose-built for ecommerce brands on Shopify.

What Does TripleWhale Do?

TripleWhale centralizes your advertising data from all platforms into one dashboard. This allows you to accurately see which ads are driving sales so you can double down on what's working.

It does this in a couple key ways:

Key Features and Benefits

Some of the standout TripleWhale features include:

By centralizing disparate advertising data into one platform, ecommerce brands can save huge amounts of time. The platform’s visualizations also allow for smarter optimization and decision making driven by hard data.

While smaller ecommerce stores may not benefit as much, TripleWhale proves invaluable for brands running ads at scale across channels like Facebook, Google, TikTok, and more. It helps connect the dots between ads and revenue.

Pricing and Availability

TripleWhale offers four plans:

Here you can download a case study on How Triple Whale Helped Obvi Scale Marketing 117% after iOS 14.

Obvi Case Study - Long Form PDF.pdf

The platform is currently only available for Shopify merchants. But with robust features and the ability to centralize vitals ecom data into actionable insights, TripleWhale is positioned as an essential analytics tool for direct-to-consumer brands looking to optimize ad spend and scale intelligently.